Zit Zappers and Other Acne Devices

Over the counter acne treatments can help you reduce the signs and symptoms of acne but most often than not these treatments will be not able to get rid of your blemishes as fast as you would want it to. To find more effective ways to treat acne, let us explore some acne devices and if these devices can really help you get rid of acne faster. Find the best acne treatment now.

Zit Zappers- Zit zappers are devices that uses heat to reduce the signs and symptoms of acne. The heat emitted by these devices are said to be effective in killing the acne causing bacteria. These devices are only indicated for inflammatory types of acne and does little or nothing to eliminate blackheads and white heads. These acne devices promise to make your acne disappear within 24-hours. Though zit zappers can actually reduce the size and flatten acne, it does not remove the redness. If you are planning to use a zit zapper, you may expect a slight stinging sensation as the heat eliminates the acne causing bacteria inside your pores. If you have a dark skin tone, it is advised that you consult a skin expert first. It is known that zit zappers can cause permanent discoloration on individuals with dark skin tones.

Blackhead Remover- These devices are very cheap but hardly does anything at all. The device looks like a syringe with an open end. The idea is you put the syringe on top of your blackhead and you pull the plunger back so that the blackhead will fall out. Most often than not this will not work. It will only create tiny marks on your skin that will make your acne even worse.

Blue and Red Light Acne Devices- It is said that certain types of light can directly kill the acne causing bacteria. A lot of reviews suggest that red and blue light acne devices really works. There is a scientific basis behind blue and red light therapies. Blue light helps dissolve the protective membrane of the acne causing bacteria causing the bacteria to die while red light on the other hand effectively reduce the size of your pores. Acne victims usually notice a significant reduction of their blemishes after 4 weeks.

Home Laser Acne Devices- This may seem overkill but for some, they are willing to spend over a thousand dollars on a home treatment that actually works. The laser acne device eliminates the acne bacteria, reduces the size of your pores and significantly clears out your skin from acne.

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