Criterion For Having Tooth Extraction Done

Rest assured that teeth will never have to be removed unless it is really necessary. This is precisely because it is left to the dentist to determine whether tooth extraction fort payne work is required. After he completes his diagnosis, he must declare that teeth are ‘beyond restorative care’.

tooth extraction fort payne

Furthermore, a tooth extraction can only take place after an X-ray has been captured. The dentist will use this X-ray to complete a critical and accurate evaluation of the patient’s requirements. The X-ray procedure will be treated as separate work from the tooth extraction procedure.

But in numerous cases, the tooth extraction could be completed on the same day that the X-ray was taken and other follow up, restorative and/or treatment procedures are scheduled. Needless to say that an emergency extraction will be given priority.

Prior to any dental procedures, both the patient and the dentist need to take into account current health conditions. The dentist needs to be aware of medications the patient may be taking. Complexities, if any, associated with the tooth extraction, or any other dental treatment, need to be taken into account as well. The dentist avails himself to be flexible or amenable to the patient’s circumstances that could affect the possibility of doing the tooth extraction on a same day basis.

Bear in mind always that tooth extractions may only be carried out by a qualified, registered and practicing dentist or orthodontist. Not even a diligent, competent and experienced dental assistant, equivalent to a nursing sister (or brother) perhaps should be carrying out this procedure. And certainly not the patient himself, as has often been the case of many who circumvented the rational, health and hygienic requirement of rather going to the dentist for treatment.