Managing Your Medications Safely

It is important that when you are prescribed any type of medication that you manage it correctly.  If you don’t manage your medications others can get a hold of it and get very sick, or even die.  Depending on the medications that you take their impact on the body will do a specific thing.  If you abuse them then unpredictable outcomes can arise.  This is why psychiatric medication management shippensburg is so vital.

psychiatric medication management shippensburg

Count your pills

The first thing that you need to do is count your pills and make sure that you have the correct amount that was prescribed.  If you don’t have the correct amount of medication, then you need to contact your doctor or pharmacist to get it right.

Secure your pills

The last thing that you want to do is have your pills laying around.  Depending on the type of pills and what they can do, your level of security needs to be increased to help in their security.  For basic pills and medications such as aspirin or Tylenol you don’t have to lock them up like fort Knox,  You do however need to have them out of the reach of small children and in a specific cabinet so that people know not to go in there.  For more potent medications such as pills for pain or specific mental conditions you want to have these pills stored away so that no one can touch them.  If they were to take them extreme long-term effects could arise.

Monitor your usage

When you have the pills you want to monitor your usage of the pills.  You don’t want to forget to take pills or take them in the wrong dose or combination.  Some pills will also need to be taken with or without food.  So, make sure that you follow these directions before they are taken.  Also, if you are someone who forgets, consider setting a timer or other reminders for you to take your medications.